The Jonathon Letters
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That's My Hope
That's My Hope
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Hope Village recognizes that children need and deserve healthy attachment within a family. Therefore, our mission is to build families and promote permanency, giving children hope for their future.

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Recommended Reading

  • Building the Bonds of Attachmentby Daniel A. Hughes
  • The Jonathon Lettersby Michael Trout & Lori Thomas
  • The Boy Who Was Raised As A Dog, by Bruce D. Perry & Maia Szalavitz
  • Attachment, Trauma, and Healing, by Terry M. Levy & Michael Orlans
  • Pooh and the Psychologists, by John Tyerman Williams

Additional Resources for Parents

  • Parenting from the Inside Outby Daniel J. Siegel & Mary Hartzell
  • Parenting the Hurt Child by Gregory C. Keck & Regina M. Kupecky
  • Hope for Healing, a Therapeutic Parenting Manual , by ATTACh
  • A Child Called "It", by Dave Pelzer
  • The Lost Boy, by Dave Pelzer
  • A Man Named Dave, by Dave Pelzer
  • That's My Hope, by Lil Ingram & Marlene Lee

Additional Resources for Professionals

  • Creating Capacity for Attachmentedited by Arthur Becker-Weidman & Deborah Shell
  • Facilitating Developmental Attachment, by Daniel A. Hughes
  • A Secure Base, by John Bowlby
  • Play With ThemPhyllis B. Rubin & Jeanine Tregay
  • Theraplay, Ann M. Jernberg & Phyllis B. Booth
  • Handbook of Attachment Interventions, edited by Terry M. Levy


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Hope Village Inc. is a Non-Profit, 501(c)(3) Corporation, registered in Virginia.

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