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That's My Hope
That's My Hope
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Hope Village recognizes that children need and deserve healthy attachment within a family. Therefore, our mission is to build families and promote permanency, giving children hope for their future.

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Hope Village: Building Families - Creating Futures

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Paul and Lori Thomas, founders of Hope Village, Inc, are the parents of eight children. Five of the children came to the family through foster care and adoption. Paul and Lori have been advocates for children in foster care and adoption since 1990, and Lori speaks around the country on these issues. Lori, together with Michael Trout of the Infant-Parent Institute in Illinois, co-authored The Jonathon Letters. This book is the story of one family as they took in, and learned to love, a child with Reactive Attachment Disorder.

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Hope Village Inc. is a Non-Profit, 501(c)(3) Corporation, registered in Virginia.

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